Featured Speakers

Title: Case studies to build rangeland resilience to climate change

J. Shannon Neibergs
Washington State University, USA
Climate Change & Climatology

Title: IPCC relationship with IPBES

Alan Feest
University of Bristol/Ecosulis, United Kingdom
Climate Change & Natural Environment

Title: Thermal Capacity of Endemic Fishes from Small Rivers and Climate effects to freshwater fishes

Sampan Tongnunui
Mahidol University, Thailand
Climate Change & Climatology

Title: Why CMIP5 models cannot simulate the change trend of Pacific Walker Circulation over the last three decades?

Y. Guan
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Climate Change & Climatology

Title: How expensive is an energy transition? A lesson from the German Energiewende

Thomas Unnerstall
N-ERGIE AG, Germany
Climate Change & Climatology

Title: Addressing Global challenges: BioEconomy can contribute significantly to climate change mitigation

Lene Lange
LLa-BioEconomy, Research & Advisory, Denmark
Climate Change & Climatology

Title: Effects of Porous Materials and Tetrahydrofuran on the Enhancement of Biogas Storage with Hydrate Formation

Pramoch Rangsunvigit
Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Biofuels & Bioenergy Applications

Title: Insect damage influences expression of heat and drought stress resistance genes in maize

Patrick Dowd
USDA, Agricultural Research Service, USA
Climate Change & Climatology

Title: Analysis of Extreme Urban Heat Island: Correlation with Global Warming

Kartikey Gupta
Vatsalya, India
Adaptation & Mitigation of Climate Change

Title: Impacts of and adaptation to inter-decadal marine climate change in coastal China seas

Rongshuo Cai
Ministry of Natural Resources of China, China
Climate change - Agriculture & Other Industries

Title: Variability of the Caspian Sea at decadal to millennial scales: the theory

Alexander Kislov
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
Climate Change & Climatology

Title: The Cold Effect of Ambient Temperature on Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke Hospital Admissions: A Large Database Study in Beijing, China between Years 2013 and 2014—Utilizing a Distributed Lag Non-linear Analysis

Xiuhua Guo
Capital Medical University, China
Climate Change Impacts on Human Health

Title: Groundwater Scenario of Hydrological and Hydrogeological Critical Terrains of India

Pankaj Kumar Roy
Jadavpur University, India
Impacts and adaptations in agriculture and water management

Title: Assessment of hydro meteorological condition of flood in monsoon dominated Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghna (GBM) floodplain system

Malabika Biswas Roy
Calcutta University, India
Hydrometeorology & Hydrology

Title: Historical Responsibility for Climate Change: The Problem of Excusable Knowledge

Makoto Usami
Kyoto University, Japan
Adaptation & Mitigation of Climate Change

Title: Climate Change Through the Eyes of the Young: Innovation is a Key Strategy

Ray Ann Havasy
Center for Science Teaching and Learning, USA
Climate Change & Climatology

Title: On the climate change from the geosciences point of view

Modesto Eusebio Portilla Gamboa
National University of Colombia, Colombia
Climate Change & Natural Environment

Title: Development as adaptation: Framing and measuring urban resilience in Beijing

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China
Climate Change & Climatology

Title: Could Cohesion Policy push EU climate efforts?

Michal Nekvasil
People in Need, Czech Republic
Climate Change & Climatology

Satellite-based prediction of daily SO2 exposure across China using a high-quality random forest-spatiotemporal Kriging (RF-STK) model for health risk assessment

Rui Li
Fudan University, China
Climate Change & Climatology

Title: Spatiotemporal assessment of soybean drought and sensitivity analysis in Northeast China

XiaoJuan YANG
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
Natural Hazards & Disaster Risk Management

Title: The Interactions of meteorology features and PM2.5 during severe haze episodes in central-east China

Hong Wang
Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences , China
Atmospheric Sciences & Meteorology

Title: Application Potential of CO2 Enhanced Water Recovery Technology in Four Major Energy and Industry Sectors in China

Ning Wei
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Environmental Science & Engineering

Title: Overcoming the process-structure divide in conceptualizations of Social-Ecological Transformations

Julia Tschersich
Carl von Ossietzky Unviersity Oldenburg, Germany
Rules & Policies of Climate Change

Title: Study on the Effect of Emission Trading Policy on Industrial Green Innovation Efficiency

Jingxiao Zhang 
Chang’an University, CHINA
Green Initiatives Products

Title: Agricultural cropping system change under climate warming in the Loess Plateau of China

Yansui Liu
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Climate change - Agriculture & Other Industries

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